1. ASTROLOGY - Astrology is the most ancient of all sciences. Astrological predictions cannot be simply based upon strict hypothetical principles or guesses but a certain amount of intuitive capacity must be need for accurate conclusion. Astrology is a true science which comprises the the forecast of the future on the basis of regular movement of planets. It is also called Jyotish means knowledge of light which is actualy the basic root of all the creations. Astrology is derived from Aster-a star and Logos - reason or Logic. Astrology is capable for true forecast of fortunes and misfortunes of men, nations, cyclones, earthquakes, solar & lunar eclipse, diseases & cure, even present, past & future.

Astro Consultation fee : Rs.25/- per minute US$ 5 per minute.

2. NUMEROLOGY - This is one of the vaidic science depend on the science of Numbers (Numero). The logic of numbers capable to open a golden way for one's life. By the help of this science we can set our name, city, place, work, marriage, vehicle etc. as per numero. norms which magically opens a fortune door.

Numero. Consultation fee : Rs.50/- per minute US$ 10 per minute.

3. TAROT READING - This is a science which tells the future on the basis of Tarot card. The lord related to card indicates the future predictions.

Tarot Consultation fee : Rs.20/- perminute US$ 5 per minute.


4. FENGSHUI - This is a science depend on water and air.Water flows and store energy and air transfer the energy. This science help to set the energy level for perfect living, health, progress, name-fame and fortune.

Fengshui Consultation fee : As per vaastu norms.

5. Vaastu : Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Vaidic science of architecture. Ancient vaidic experts derived vaastu shastra for the welfare of mankind. It's precious knowledge is capable to help us in peaceful and prosperous living, perfect health and wealth, spiritual benefits, positive energy and thinking, progress and achievements etc. You can set your home/office/residential or commercial places as per Vaastu norms. by a perfect vaastu expert and can achieve all the benefits.

Vaastu Consultation Fee : Rs.10/- per US$ 2 per sq. cm.

6. Accupressure - This is a natural process of treatmet for all diseases. By this prakritic chikitsa vighyan various diseases can be cure naturally without any medicine.

Consultation Fee : No fee payable, Totally free to Saubhagya Members.

7. Swar Vighyan - By this process many physical problems can be cure naturally with the help of sanskrit language swars & mantras.

Consultation Fee : No fee payable, Totally free to Saubhagya Members.

8. Healing - In this process any type of problem, disease can be cure by the energy healing, dousing process with the help of pyramids, crystals, gems etc.

Consultation Fee : Rs.50/- per minute US$ 40 per minute.

9. Meditation : This is a vaaidic process to achieve divine moksha or Godhead Total samarpan bhava to almighty God and regular process of dhayan lead to the peak of concentration or Moksha.

Consultation Fee : Totally free for Saubhagya Members.

10. Gem Therapy - This is a vaaidic process by which consultation can be present to wear Gems, Stones, Crystals etc. Suitable as per planetary position of planets in one's horoscope. This is also called Gemology.

Consultation Fee : Rs.500/- US $100.

11. Surya Chikitsa - This is a Bhartiya medical process to cure many diseases and to protect the bad effects of planets.

Consultation Fee : Absolute free to members.

12. Vaaidic Karmakanda - In this process various pujaas, Kalasarpa Pujnam, Mahamratunjaya Japa, Manglik Pujnam, Navgraha Pujnam, Yagyopavitam (Janaeo), Rudra-Abhishekam, Durga Saptashi Pujnam, Havana, Anushthaana etc. are conducted online as per instructions and requirements by vaaidic aacharyas.

Consultation Fee : Contact to Administrative Office.