1. SHANKHA :- Shankha is a type of yantra which can create various sound by blowing air through mouth. There are different varieties of shankha used for pujan, vocal, remedies etc. Shankha according to your sunsign will create strange benefits in life.

Samarpan Value - Rs.500/- US$ 40 onwards...

2. WELCOME BELL - This is special metal bell used in pujan, anusthans, office, home etc. The positive musical sound create by it destroy the bad effects, negative thinking and evil obstacles. It welcomes the +ve powers.

Samarpan Value - Rs.200/- US$ 20 Onwards...

3. WIND CHYME - The musical wind chyme having 4,5,6,7 Rods used for various purposes are able to invite +ve powers for perfect vaastu.

Samarpan Value - Rs.250/- US$ 25 onwards...

4. NAVRATNA TREE - This is a special fortune tree having different crystals beneficial for success, prosperity, victory, health etc.

Samarpan Value - Rs. 450/- US$ 45 onwards.

5. LAUGHING BUDDHA - Various idiols having different different modes of Laughing Buddha helpful in prosperity, health, knowledge etc.

Samarpan Value - Rs. 200/- US$ 20 onwards.

6. EDUCATION TOWER - This is a special tower called "Pagoda" helpful in proper education for students. This can help the students to raise their carrier up and high with success.

Samarpan Value - Rs. 500/- US$ 50 onwards.

7. CRYSTAL BALL - A special type of crystal -charged ball help in concentration flow positive rays, raise mental powers, success in education, solve marriage problems etc.

Samarpan Value - Rs. 400/- US$ 40 onwards.

8. CRYSTAL PENCIL - A abhimantrit crystal pencil lead to sucess, raise mental and physical ability & carrier achievements.

Samarpan Value - Rs. 500/- US$ 50 onwards.

9.SAUBHAGYA TURTLE - Crystal & metal Turtles powered with mantras raise the health, age, strength, wealth, etc.

Samarpan Value - Rs. 400/- US$ 40 onwards.

10. OHM SHIV LINGAM - Shiv Lingam of crystal, parad, stone powered with supernatural power "OHM" help in meditation, pujanam, anusthanam, kalasarpa yoga etc. The Super Lord Shiva with Maa Bhagwati blessed with their powers to OHM SHIV LINGAM bhaktas.

Samarpan Value - Depend on bhaktas.

11. SAUBHAGYA-MALAS - Saubhagya Malas of Rudraksha, Crystals, Gems & Shri Tulsi help to raise confidence, the power control heart problems, abolish various disorders ruins disabilities & raise spiritual powers.

Samarpan Value - Rs. 100/- US$ 10 onwards.

12. SAUBHAGYA YANTRAS - Special Copper,Crystal, Panchdhatu, Astadhatu, Silver, Gold Plated Yantras charged with divya vaidic mantras by vaidic aacharyas are available on demand. Saubhagya Yantras are - Shri Yantra, Mahalaxmi Yantra, Bhaskar Yantra, Mahamratunjaya Yantra, Baglamukhi Yantra, KalaSarpa Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Dragon Yantras etc.

Samarpan Value - Rs. 1100/-, US$ 50 onwards...

13. LUCKY BAMBOO PLANT - Bamboo plant indicates the stability & strength. This plant has strange ability to maintain power & strengthin crucial period of life.

Samarpan Value - Rs. 400/-, US$ 40 onwards...

14. SAUBHAGYA PYRAMIDS -Goldplated Panchdhatu & fibre pyramids charged with pyra energies are very useful to remove vaastu defects in domestic & commercial places. They are able to flow +ve energy rays on entire applied places to make perfect vaastu norms.

Samarpan Value - Rs. 200/-, US$ 20 onwards...